back to evolution Sunday

Before the beginning there was God, God alone.

The God of love, with nobody to love.

And God said, "Let there be." And there was.  The great outpouring.  The first birth.  Of energy.  Of potential.  Of relationship.

And God was.  For thousands, and millions, and billions of years as the energy became matter, and matter became dust, and the dust became galaxies and stars and solar systems.  Millions of solar systems, including ours.  Stuff of poetry.  Verse. Universe.  70 million, million, million stars.  More than every grain of sand on every beach and desert on earth.  Good.

And God was.  In every galaxy, fecund soils evoked life.  Filling the universe with a tapestry of relationships beyond our fathoming.  But not beyond God.  Good.

And God was.  From self cloning to sex.  As creatures came together to create new life, different life.  Creatures and species emerged, then diminished to make way for new life.  Life began to weave life.  Birth.  Good. Sex. Good.  Death. Good.

And God was.  God was here on Earth.  As backbones appeared: fish, amphibians, dinosaurs, mammals, birds.  Birth, sex, death.  Evolution, extinction.  All good.

The God of love had people to love.

And God was here.  Here on Earth.  As life grew smarter.  Developing languages and tools.
As mammals developed a sense of something beyond them- the pack.  The herd.  The tribe.  The gods.  God. 

The God of love had people to be loved by. 

Some stood up, they grew smarter.  Perhaps too smart, perhaps not smart enough.
So the Word of God amongst the hairless apes grew louder,
“I love you. Love me, love yourself, love them.”

Larger than the universe, God was hard to hear.

So the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and was adored and loved and cherished, and despised and rejected and killed.  

And raised.

And speaks still:
“I love you. Love me, love yourself, love them.”
Hear the voice of one who once cried in the wilderness: the God of love and life is at hand! 

Do something about it.
Share dominion with all.
Serve and protect.
Love God back!