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Ramona Cavanagh
Inter-relationship of all living things. Group and individual totems as symbols of that and an aid to sustainabilityaudio (mp3)

Will James
All things are connected, and depend on each other. Everything has a history. This truth opens us to compassion for all.
audio (mp3)

Jason John
(I forgot to press record, here's a few resources though)
books (by me)
evolution Sunday videos

Steve Klipin
The three tenants of Judaism- Land, Law, People. The effect of not having access to Land for so long on Judaism's ecological (mp3)

Multi-faiths… one Earth.

Australians in particular know that there are a multitude of faiths and philosophies, all of which emerged in very different contexts around the world. 

Their adherents now share a common context: the increasing consumption of resources by some humans on the world, and the increasing severity of the consequences of this on others:

The environmental crisis within which many human crises unfold.

Four speakers were therefore invited to talk about what their tradition have to say about our relationship with this increasingly degraded Earth on which we all live, with the opportunity for some questions and discussion afterwards. 

I was able ot record some of the speakers, and they were kind enough to let me put links to their talks on this page (above). Obviously, each of us had a major challenge to shrink such a vast topic into a short talk. None of them claim to be comprehensive summaries of the particular tradition.

The discussion which followed was very engaging, but didn't lend itself to recording.

the first week

Participants on the first week heard artist Ramona Cavanagh explain the role of Lore and totems, and the expectation that everybody had duties to perform to help the tribe survive and sustain the Land.


Remember, Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better, it's not (thanks Dr Seuss).


An initiative of the Uniting Church Mid North Coast Presbytery, NSW.
Continuing as part of the Uniting Earth Ministry NSW/ACT

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the first gathering, in the old location
feb 2010

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