ecofaith, uniting church
mid north coast NSW

FAITH. ON EARTH (2010) . Connecting faith and ecology through our heart, mind, soul and stomach

Faith. On Earth. meets the regular ecofaith group, plus a couple of Salvation Army tourists

Shana prepares us for Food and Faith. We only toyed with the edges of the wormhole.

Miriam Pepper from UnitingEarthWeb unveils the newish
and varied beast which is church community gardens.

We gathered, from places far and near to sing, ponder, pray, eat (and eat) and encourage each other over the weekend and beyond.

The promised resources are slowly appearing here, they will make more sense if you attended, but feel free to have a look anyway!

The talk Jason gave on life centred theology (and the one he didn't get time for, and the kids story) are on this powerpoint (right click and "save as") .

Because of a bug in windows, I had to store it as a .zip file, you will need to extract it first. The actual powerpoint is a .pptx file, so if you dont have a recent version of powerpoint you will need the reader from here.

The quotes Shana shared with us about food are here.

Here's the promotional material:

Come to be-you-to-full Bellingen, home of the Bellingen ecofaith worship community.

Earth is not, “heaven’s second rate hand me down,” but our home, our family, the place we meet God.  The developing timetable is based around the idea that as earthlings we will gather to:

· Engage with the wisdom of creation spirituality; through the four paths, three vocations, two stances, and the only prayer that matters.

· Find the sacred in food; eating together in local businesses, making and breaking bread, creating dinner together, and sharing an apple and water communion.

· Draw on the wonder of the great story of life and how it shapes the human story, Christian story, and your story.

Let’s go deeper into faith and spirit; rekindle the fire in our bellies; and return home inspired by fellow travelers.

6pm Friday - 6pm Sunday (we might organise some daytrips if people want to stay Monday and Tuesday)
And its in Bellingen!

Cost is $25, plus you will need to organise your own accommodation, and we will be eating out together a few times. (If cost is an issue let us know).

You can choose whether to eat out for brekkie and lunch, or make something (there is local organic grocer (Kombu) and an IGA).

To register or find out more, join the yahoo group for ongoing announcements. Call Jason on or email weekend@ecofaith.org with specific questions or to let us know you're planning to come.