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Here's a few videos circa 2013 explaining about the community when it was meeting semi-regularly.

A quick vox pop of some of the ecofaith bellingen community in 2013, reflecting on why they came.

An introduction to the ideas behind ecofaith


A shot of the community in action: kids helping with communion

A summary of a typical ecofaith gathering


A specific example of using the garden to guide the worship and reflections one week- worship which reflects its immediate environment


A video about a similar community in Adelaide:


An initiative of the Uniting Church Mid North Coast Presbytery, NSW.
Continuing as part of the Uniting Earth Ministry NSW/ACT

ecofaith june 20132012 christmas
the first gathering, in the old location
feb 2010

our wet weather venue under the amphitheatre

christmas presents
cold weather venue on the sunny grass
special gleniffer gathering
gleniffer swim
ecofaith camp bridge jumping
new location
boys fruit

landcare day
easter 2010

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