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First and Third Sundays, 10:30am, now at the end of plane tree drive as of 2013

Welcome to the adelaide ecofaith worshipping community

Rain, hail or shine. Dress for the weather, bring a camp chair if you will need one, or share a rug with someone.

Meeting first and third Sundays, in the park opposite the Hackney Hotel.

To find out a little more about us you can:
__watch our video
a book about our first two years

We are a small group who gathers for a mixture of ritual and discussion, opposite the Hackney Hotel in Adelaide, in order to commune with each other and the God of all life.

If you believe that our relationship to the "ecos" (our house, the planet) is intimately entwined with our relationship with God (or if you are just curious enough to visit a community of people who do), then please join us!

If you are simply after a community where you can explore questions about God and yourself and your place in the world without immediately being told the answers, then come along too!

The group at worship, Feb 2007

Finn and Athea turning waste into art

some of the themes covered at ecofaith in the early years
Over the years we have covered a wide range of topics, wih most exploring in some way the connections between evolution, ecology, or environmentalism and faith.

For the first couple of years most input was provided by Jason John. We've kept a couple of examples here, and more can be found at the main web site.

Other weeks, and each week since March 2008, different group members have at times taken turns to lead worship and provide input, or we have invited guest speakers to share their expertise.

A sample of some of the topics we have covered:

Life, not just humans, as the "image of God," or the "neighbour," "other" which Jesus spoke about.

Rethinking dominion and stewardship

We are not fallen. Original Need as a better framework than Original Sin.

Forgivess. Does/Can Earth forgive us? (Chris)

My life as a Yoga teaching Christian (Beverley)

When "eco" meets "feminist" (Terella)

Worship led by Finn (age 5)

Waiting for the still small voice (Louise)

Property and Environment Paul Babie (AU law lecturer, Ukranian Catholic priest)

Interfaith environmentalism (and circus!)(Elizabeth Young)

Worry, possessions, good stuff

We usually follow the "Season of Creation," but from an evolution affirming, progessive starting point.

Worship led by Joy and the Seymour College year 5 students (photos).

Why are we here (life, humans, Jesus)?

Easter and the idea of sacrifice, from the perspective of animals and the God who loves them.

The salvations offered in the scriptures, and how they differ from Jesus' version

Sex, relationships and kids from an evolutionary Christian perspective.

What is baptism in "green", "progressive" faith?

A month with Rev Samson Devasagayam and Rev Gethzi Chella Kamala sharing their insights on ecotheology and human justice in the Indian context.

Water as a metaphor for spirituality: scriptural and modern Australian resources.

The ecological footprint and ecological discipleship

The community first started as a result of a self contained six week program, which might be of interest if you live far away and cannot visit us:

1. the cosmology/evolution story.
2. Life, not humans, is the image of God.
3. Dominion or Servanthood or..?
4. On being kicked out of the garden- revisiting(rejecting) the "Fall"
5. An alternative to Original Sin.
6. So who is Jesus then?

Comments by the original participants of that program can be read here.