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Season of Creation resources

evolution affirming and more "progressive" than the originals

This page contains resources for 2005 (which are the same as 2008 due to the cyclical nature of the SoC lectionary

I plan over the next couple of weeks to make updated resources for 2008, as the ones here relate to a specific congregation. In the meantime, though, they may be useful for ideas.

The new resources will appear on the new ecofaith mid north coast part of the web site, here.


These versions explicitly mention and explore the evolutionary history of life on Earth, and have more of a "progressive" approach to the role of Jesus on Earth. The format is still very traditional, with a few extra bits thrown in, as the worship at Scots is very much "progressive theology, traditional worship." The earlier ones are .rtf, the latter .pdf

All the sermons are in draft form. I didn't include Outback as it was simply a brief testimony from me, followed by group discussion.

(You can freely use or adapt anything, but please mention this web site ( and the original (, and let us know, just for out interest.

Forests liturgy
Forests DRAFT sermon
<print liturgies at less cost to the forests: See what recycled papers are actually made of at the Australian Paper Watch or The Wilderness Society > You can get Evolve Paper, which both those sites recommend, through Danka (spelling?), 28 Magill Rd, 08 8362 8577. Faced with the myth of recycled paper breaking copy machines? Email me.

Soil (Land) liturgy-
Soil children's talk (modified from original- we're now going to read the Lorax instead)
Soil hymn- Death creeps sly (tune of God has Spoken by his Prophets). Free use.
Soil Readings (retelling the Fall and Romans)
Soil sermon- a reasonable draft of what I ended up saying
Soil sermon abandoned- a longer one I gave up on, but it has some useful bits in it

Outback liturgy
Outback readings (composite of Jesus the outback)
Outback "sermon"- I hardly said anything, the congregation discussed who the Messiah is for this product of evolution called H. sapiens.
Outback hymn- return to Earth.

Rivers liturgy
Rivers readings (composite of water in the gospels/revelation)
Rivers sermon