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Worship resources that affirm, and draw inspiration from, the creation stories of cosmology, evolution and ecology.

This page is slowly being reconstructed. You can freely use or adapt anything, but please mention this web site and let me know, just for interest. You will also find some great evolution inspired worship resources at

Hymns (new eco-inspired words to old hymn tunes).

Seasonal resources
....Christmas carols, poems and reflections.
....Season of Creation (each September)

Special rituals

....An eco-engaged "progressive" baptism. This is just a starting point in thinking through what
....baptism is all about for "green" "progressive" Christans. It might have some useful components for
.... your own liturgies or thoughts.

....Placenta burial ritual: Not one for a church service probably, but I wrote this for our first child, Finn.

....Valuing all members of the body (incl the rest of life), proclaiming release to all the captives here
....Trinity from an ecofaith perspective here
....Some thoughts on what Darwin/Evolution means for Christianity here

....Life, not just humans, as the "image of God," or the "neighbour," "other" which Jesus spoke about.
........ here
....We are not fallen. Original Need as a better framework than Original Sin. here
....A four week series: why are we here? (Life, humans, us, Jesus?) here

....A six week series of short reflections which started the ecofaith commuty here
........1. the cosmology/evolution story.
........2. Life, not humans, is the image of God.
........3. Dominion or Servanthood or..?
........4. On being kicked out of the garden- revisiting(rejecting) the "Fall"
........5. An alternative to Original Sin.
........6. So who is Jesus then?

"Do unto others": is a video I made for confession, based on Luke 4, which might be useful in those churches with a projector, or for you at home as a three minute devotional. It makes the claim that the "others" Jesus told us to do unto now includes, at the very least, factory farm animals.

See also the book, "Worshipping Evolution's God."