I am slowly migrating details of workshops I’ve run to this page, to give you an idea of the kinds of things I offer.

Poetry for Beginners

“‘The workshop was enjoyable and well tailored to the group. His book now sits on my shelf between TS Elliot and Banjo P’ – Robbie”

Start from scratch, or bring bits and pieces along. All kinds of poets and poems are welcome.
Play with a few techniques, with the focus on practice and application, not listening to theory. A fun relaxed 2.5 hours full of invitation but no obligation. When possible, followed by a performance workshop where people can road test their work.

Facilitated on demand.  Last held in 2022 for the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival.  You can get the summary notes here


Performance Poetry Workshop

Jason created such a safe and encouraging environment, with plenty of mic practice. My anxieties really melted, enabling me to feel more confident to perform than ever before. – Robyn”

Get behind a mic in a safe, supportive environment, whether for the first or fiftieth time.
Reduce jitters, hone your craft.  Bring your work, or at least pieces of work, or even just someone else’s poem you really like.

Two and a half hours with a focus on practice, refinement, and more practice.  Lots of invitation to perform, no expectation.  When possible, followed by a public Open Mic or street busking event for those who are game.

Facilitated on demand.  Last held for the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival in 2022.  You can see the example I mentioned of the difference between a well rehearsed and an (ahem) not well rehearsed one here, with the two versions of I’m not a racist, but…

One off zoom workshop for YouLead

Can you use the C word in Church?  What about if it’s in a poem? Can a poem ever be a sermon, and does it matter if it isn’t? Who decides? Unleash the poet within you in this provocative, permission giving workshop with Tau’alofa and Jason, two Deacons exploring the intersection of poetry, preaching and prophetic advocacy.

(Photo by Veit Hammer on Unsplash)

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