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New Release: Christian Sex Today: Lessons from Moses, Paul, Jesus and Darwin.

“…nothing you’d expect to read from a church minister but everything you’ve ever wanted one to say. Addressing politics, sex and religion with thought-provoking humour, this unorthodox collection makes no apologies for its audacious, controversial and challenging poems. Be prepared for your religious stereotypes to be smashed wide open in the most refreshing of ways. Jason is, without a doubt, the Australian Pete Holmes.” – Kathy Parker, writer, poet, author.

If you were edged out of church, or drifted away, because your sexual practice didn’t fit the narrow prescriptiveness of your congregation, perhaps this will provide a way back, or at least nurture your faith and discipleship as part of the church diaspora.

Sex, evolution, and the Bible… For some Christians those three words should never be together in the same religious sentence. But Jason John (thank goodness) has put them there – and all with raw and open honesty. I await the prayers and bonfires!”

Author, religious naturalist, and former chair, Common Dreams Conference of Religious Progressives, Australia/South Pacific

Published February 2021

[NOTE: this book sells as Christian Sex Today, with a green cover, I’m just trying our a new title and cover on the web site.]

Out now through Coventry Press

My contribution to slam poetry is my resemblance to a love child of Dr Seuss and Pam Ayres, who was adopted out to a scientist and an emotionally repressed priest.

The rest of the time I am an emotionally repressed priest (well, minister), with a background in science.

I try to skate the thin lines between good taste and vulgarity, between insightful commentary and farce, bringing politics, climate activism, religion, science and sex into awkward conversation.  Because in my day job I have to bring climate science and religion and politics into very careful, nuanced conversation, most of which has to be approved by several people.

I’m not a Racist, but I’ve got a racist butt is out now in ebook and paperback, and you can watch some of the poems performed if you click the blue button…



I’m a Uniting Church minister. For the last two decades I have helped the church collaborate with others of good will to explore what it means to live as better members of the Earth family, encouraging those who need to, to return from their prodigal ways.

We are exploring the idea of an ecofaith community at Gleniffer, and there’s a bunch of writings and videos on my old ecofaith site, with information about the Adelaide and Bellingen ecofaith communities I started, and various theological ramblings.  Or you can visit my old work sites at Uniting Earth, and Common Grace.

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