Poetry Performances

Acknowledging Country (a bit)

Which is why I gave my house back…
Well, no, I didn’t go as far as that!
I mean “Aboriginal land” in a “spiritual sense”
Not one that has any tangible application
For the property I own in this our nation

Inga Muscio (Jesus was a c***)

This video is on a special page with a disclaimer and warning included at the request of my presbytery.

I’m not a racist, but…

I’m not a racist, but…
I’ve got a racist butt.
It’s super white and full of shit
as much as I can I try to ignore it

FJ (euthanasia)

mum’s got cancer in her brain
which sucks
we didn’t kill her though
we love her far too much!
or maybe not enough


Back when I was a minister
Still with a congregation
I caused some confrontation
When they heard how I used the C-Word

Never be the same again

It’s the same again, and the same again,
and the same again
As I push you down the street
and I just beg you to stay asleep

Secret Sacred Stories

I met this woman,
on a sexual harassment committee.
Leading to a dilemma.
I thought she was really pretty,
but did I dare to tell her?


So, it’s Easter time again
That’s why we gather for prayers and songs
Most of us are Christian
But maybe you got dragged along.

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