About me

Although you can find out about me by flicking through this site, if you just want the quick version, read on…




Having grown up an athiest/agnostic, I became a very ‘narrow’ Evangelical in my early twenties, before eventually re-embracing the evolutionary biology I learned at University, ending up privileged to be able to do a PhD on the implications of evolution and ecology for the Christian story.  It was prompted by the number of students I met who thought they had to choose between being a Christian, or “believing science.” I turned it into a small book which people might actually read.

I’ve also written about the evolution of sexuality and the implications for 21st century faithful sexual relationships (basically, love God, self and other without worrying about the gender of those involved, with marriage as one of four possible options). I’ve also turned some of my poetry performances into a book, and just finished writing about the horrific stories in the bible, and how to rescue Jesus’ good news from them.  The menu bar will lead you to anything that intrigues you.

I preach monthly at Gleniffer community church, and on first Sundays also help lead a reflective gathering under the yew tree outside.

I have spent most of my ministry helping the church and others reflect on our relationship to the rest of Creation, and our Creator/birther, and to live accordingly. I’ve been an Ecominister in Bellingen, a Uniting Earth Advocate, an ecominister at Scots Church Adelaide, a uni chaplain, an environment officer in the Qld Uni Student Union, and a researcher for the Queensland Synod bioethics committee. Plus a congregational minister in Bellingen and Sawtell. I have a passion for permaculture which informs the slow unfolding of our forest home, where we’ve just finished wombling a “bathroom” and now have running warm water most days.

I appreciate the Uniting Church’s professed desire for an intellectually credible faith, shaped by contact with contemporary thought. I agree with its rejection of biblical literalism and fundamentalism, and its desire to remain a place where our diverse membership can continue as pilgrims of faith together.

I’ve been an athiest, agnostic, a biblical literalist and an evolutionary Christian, so am well placed to co-operate with any people of good will to work for the common good of this our Earth family.

As of Nov 2023, I am a forest chaplain two days a week, as part of the Forest Advocacy Ministry Committee’s Koala Chaplaincy Project.

I also work three days a week for Bellinger Landcare, and love this new version of helping people live better on the Land, as the Land.

You can reach me about all the poetry stuff or non-forest eco stuff on jasonrobertjohn@gmail.com, but since it’s unpaid work it might take me a while to get back to you!