FJ (euthanasia)

mum’s got cancer in her brain
which sucks
we didn’t kill her though
we love her far too much!

or… maybe not enough
not as much as we loved our dog, i guess
we didn’t prolong its distress
when it got cancer in its brain
and just laid there, and pissed itself and shat itself and stared
no, we put that puppy down
the big green sleep. so quick. so deep.

not mum though
the hospice loves her far too much
and i’m starting to think i don’t love her enough

so she pisses herself and shits herself and stares
and they clean her up so that tomorrow she can
piss herself and shit herself and stare…
and piss herself and shit herself and stare…
“not long now,” they say
“she hasn’t eaten for days,
she’ll be dead soon don’t you worry
though admittedly it’s not happening in a hurry”

then “hey”
they say
“tomorrow’s her birthday”
“shall we have a cake”
i shit you not.
a cake for the zombie in room 22b
who can’t bloody eat
and can hardly even see!

that’s love
true love
in this hospice it comes ordained from above
“thou shalt not kill”
at least not by quick injection
no only slow starvation
shows love in this, our nation

so she’s lying there
because the hospice loves her far too much to kill her
except by making her organs fail
and i don’t love her quite enough…
to go to jail

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